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Dec 09, 2020 | Tanya Dunford | 910 views
Reminder to Parents
The exhibition season has started and we want to share a few reminders with parents.

The doors to the arena open 10 minutes before a game or practice. All players under the age of 18 should be arriving at the arena in their equipment ready to be on the ice within 5-10 minutes after arriving.

If every player, especially in the younger divisions, is showing up without their equipment and skates on, it's putting a lot of work on the coach and bench staff who also only have 5-10 minutes to get out on the ice.

When parents/guardians enter the arena, they are not permitted to go toward the dressing rooms or be in the dressing rooms. Only bench staff and team managers may assist up to a total of 9 in a room at one time. This doesn't mean you can send your players in to get dressed though. It's for goalies, or players who don't have skate guards (though, if you don't have them, you should consider buying a pair to help out your team)

Parents/guardians are not permitted to line up in the hall outside of the dressing rooms after a game. You have to exit the arena at an assigned exit and walk around to the player exit door and wait for your child there.

All of our games ran over the scheduled time last weekend because teams are using the dressing rooms like it's 2019. You don't have 15-20 minutes to get to the ice anymore and we have to remember that someone else is on the ice after us. 

To make sure we're not running over our scheduled time anymore, we are going to play two 20:00 periods with a 3:00 warm up in Lakefield at the Township's request. The games in other Centre's will still be two 22:00 periods with a 5:00 warm up. 

If we can clean up our use of the dressing rooms and get out to the ice in the 5-10 minutes we have, we can take a look at the game time again but for now, the game times are being shortened. 

EG: Game starts at 6:15. Doors open at 6:05 - the 5:00 warm up should be starting at 6:10 for the puck to drop at 6:15. Last weekend, games were not starting until 6:20 or 6:25.

Please remember that you only have 10 minutes to leave the arena after your game. That may not give you enough time to get all your equipment off, but it is a Township requirement so please make sure you follow it. 
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