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Oct 22, 2020 | Tanya Dunford | 1499 views
We've received further information from Selwyn Township staff and we ask all parents, players, guardians and bench staff to review and follow these rules.

The rules we received initially are noted below in black. Any update or additional information that we've received is noted in RED
  • Access to the facility only 15 minutes prior to the rental period
  • 1 parent/guardian per participant permitted - if staying, must enter by the designated entrance and proceed directly to the designated spectator area - following capacities listed in each area and must remain in their physically distanced locations and must wear a face covering
  • Players and participants will wait outside or in the lobby practicing physical distancing until being directed to proceed by arena staff
  • No personal belongings other than skates, water bottles, helmets and sticks. All players under the age of 18 must arrive fully dressed - Township staff have clarified that players are allowed to bring their hockey bags into the arena. Only 9 people are allowed in the dressing room at a time. Goalies may use the dressing room to put on their equipment. Having your bag with you does not mean you can fully undress in the dressing room after the game. You have 15 minutes to leave the arena after your scheduled ice time is over. If you don't leave within that time frame you risk putting every other team behind. You can carry your skates, helmet etc in your bag to leave the arena, but you may not have time to remove all of your equipment. Be mindful of the 15 minute limit and leave the arena as quickly as possible. 
  • All participants must sit in the designated, physically distanced spaces while tying skates and on the player benches As indicated above, the one parent or guardian that is allowed into the arena must immediately proceed to the spectator area. You are not permitted to walk your player to a dressing room, or to the ice - team staff will assist your child. A team manager should be at the door when you arrive taking names and phone numbers for contact tracing purposes. If your child needs assistance, speak to your team manager at the door and proceed to the spectator area.
  • Change rooms will be available subject to reduced capacity. Only participants and designated representatives are permitted in change rooms. Capacity limits and scheduled times will be posted on the door and must be adhered to. Access to the shared washrooms is permitted with no shower use. At this time a maximum of 9 people are allowed in a dressing room. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to assist their player in the dressing room. Parents/guardians who consistently do not follow this rule will be asked not to enter the arena.
  • All participants/spectators must leave the facility within 15 minutes following their rental time As indicated above, this rule may not give you enough time to remove your equipment before leaving the arena. If you can't take your equipment off with enough time to leave the arena within 15 minutes, you will have to finish changing at home.
If you have any questions, please direct them to your coach or convenor.