2020/21 Season Details (Current Season), Seasons (Lakefield Minor Hockey)

Print2020/21 Season Details (Current Season)
  • No Scores ReportedU7(IP)1 Donoghue
    Coached by Darryl Donoghue. Team staff include Mike McLean.
  • No Scores ReportedU7(IP)2 Wirtanen
    Coached by Branden Wirtanen. Team staff include Chris Paige.
  • No Scores ReportedU8(MN)1 Marshall
    Coached by Andrew Marshall, Adam Jones. Team staff include Colin Jopling.
  • No Scores ReportedU9(NO)1 Taylor
    Coached by Shawn Taylor. Team staff include Chris Paige.
  • No Scores ReportedU9(NO)2 Garbutt
    Coached by Jason Garbutt. Team staff include Garret Hart.
  • No Scores ReportedU11(AT)1 Caron
    Coached by Greg Caron, Mike Albert. Team staff include Mike Conroy, Mike McLean, Mike Thompson.
  • No Scores ReportedU11(AT)2 MacDonald
    Coached by Shawn MacDonald. Team staff include Greg Collins.
  • No Scores ReportedU11(AT)3 Donoghue
    Coached by Darryl Donoghue, Graham Coons. Team staff include Megan Gehl.
  • No Scores ReportedU13(PW)1 Kingdon
    Coached by Bryan Kingdon, Peter Galbraith. Team staff include Drew Goble, Jessica Taylor.
  • No Scores ReportedU13(PW)2 McManus
    Coached by Ben McManus, Mike Albert, Shawn MacDonald. Team staff include Don Edwards, Shawn Reyner.
  • No Scores ReportedU15(BT)1 McDermott
    Coached by Bryan McDermott, Duane Jacobs. Team staff include Greg Collins.
  • No Scores ReportedU15(BT)2 Vollering
    Coached by Dan Vollering, Adriano Ferreri. Team staff include Bo Staude.
  • No Scores ReportedU18/21(MD/JU)1 Dyer
    Coached by Steve Dyer. Team staff include Mike Baker.
  • No Scores ReportedU18/21(MD/JU)2 McDermott
    Coached by Bryan McDermott. Team staff include Karl Lech.
  • No Scores ReportedU18/21(MD/JU)3 Vollering
    Coached by Dan Vollering. Team staff include Phil Austin.
  • No Scores ReportedAll U18/21
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
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