Courses for Coaches/Trainers (Lakefield Minor Hockey)

PrintCourses for Coaches/Trainers

To be rostered to a team or to a bench, you and/or parents and guardians must have proper qualifications and take mandatory courses per OMHA rules. (To go directly to the page you need, click on the links below)


All parents/guardians of players must take the Respect in Sport - Parent course and link their child to their account. This is all explained in the following link: 
Respect in Sport - Parent

If you have not registered a player in hockey before, you will need to do that before you take the Respect in Sport - Parent course.
If you are registering a player for the first time, you will also need to forward a photo of your player's birth certificate to Tanya Dunford.
OMHA will not approve a roster without a birth certificate or the RIS - Parent course on file for each player.

To find the course you need, please scroll down to the division (U13, U15 etc) and category (LL or Rep) to see the qualifications required.
To sign up for the courses listed below, use this link to go to the HCR Clinic Registry. If the course is not offered in the HCR registry, a link to the proper site is provided below.

When you're in the HCR Clinic Registry, make sure you select Ontario Hockey Federation and Ontario Minor Hockey Association at the top of the page so that you take the correct courses for this area. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you take the courses required for the division you want to coach.
Every course listed in the division below MUST be completed.
Your credentials will automatically show up in HCR when we check your profile.
If they are not visible, you have not completed the course properly.
Please use an email and password that you will remember in the coming years, as your account will always be tied to the email you sign up with. Lakefield Minor Hockey reps are not able to retrieve your qualifications and upload them for you or provide you with your login information. 


Gender Identity
Respect in Sport - Leader


Coach - Specialty Skills - HU Online Checking

Upon completion of the in-person clinic, a Coach will be considered ‘TRAINED’ under the auspices of Hockey Canada. This training provides the foundation of education and the necessary qualifications to coach. To be ‘CERTIFIED’, a formal evaluation must be completed. 

This evaluation gives the Coach the opportunity to demonstrate abilities/competencies. There are four (4) evaluation components:

  • A field evaluation completed by a qualified branch evaluator
  • Completion of task work submitted to the branch evaluator
  • Develop an Emergency Action Plan
  • Completion of Making Ethical Decisions (MED) online module through the CAC website (


‘Trained’ status indicates the Coach has attended an NCCP clinic and the Coach is ‘in process’ of completing evaluation to be ‘Certified’

  • Effective 2022-2023 Season, ‘Trained’ status carries no expiry
  • The development pathway for these Coaches is to move through the certification process


The certification process requires the Coach to show evidence of learning and is ‘competency-based’

  • ‘Certified’ status carries an expiry of 5 years
  • Coaches with ‘Certified’ status will have to complete a defined number of Professional Development points through the Hockey Canada Certification Maintenance Program
  • If a Coach with ‘Certified’ status does not acquire required Professional Development points, the qualification will show as NOT-RENEWED

Coach - Professional Development - Make Ethical Decisions - Hockey


Coach 1 - Intro to Coach (No other qualifications are accepted)
HU Online Coach 1/Coach 2  


Coach 2 - Coach Level "Trained" or higher:
Coach 2 - Coach Level "Trained" or "Certified";
Development 1 "Trained" or "Certified";
High Performance 1 & 2 "Trained" or "Certified".


Coach 2 - Coach Level Certified or higher:
Development 1 "Trained" or "Certified";
High Performance 1 & 2 "Trained" or "Certified".


Coach 2 - Coach Level Trained or higher:
Coach 2 - Coach Level "Trained" or "Certified";
Development 1 "Trained" or "Certified";
High Performance 1 & 2 "Trained" or "Certified".

HEAD COACH - U13/U15/U18/U21 Rep

Development 1 Certified or higher:
High Performance 1 & 2 "Trained" or "Certified".


Development 1 Trained or higher:
Development 1 "Trained" or "Certified";
High Performance 1 & 2 "Trained" or "Certified".

(We recommend you take the D1 course, NOT the C2 as D1 is required for Rep hockey above U11 and can be used in U11.)

If you do take the C2 course, you also need to complete the HU Online Coach 1/Coach 2.  

Trainers / Assistant Trainers
Please select the HTCP Level 1 Course from the Hockey Trainers Ontario Site or the Refresher Course if you just need to refresh.

To be rostered as a Trainer or Assistant Trainer you must take:
HTCP Level 1 Course

Plus the mandatory courses listed at the top for all Coaches/Trainers/Rostered Managers 

Trainers and Assistant Trainers who have had their qualifications expire must take:
HTCP Level 1 Refresher

Managers do not need to be rostered, but if you want to go on the bench, you need to complete all of the courses listed at the top for all Coaches/Trainers/Rostered Managers.

Once you are qualified, go to the Registration - HCR 3.0 page and select the Bench Staff registration. Choose the eTransfer option for payment. DO NOT PAY THE $0.01 REGISTRATION. (This will cost us over $5 in processing fees)

*Approval of the Head Coach is required to be rostered 
*You may not go on the bench or sign a game sheet until you are approved by OMHA and rostered
*Players will be rostered once the Respect in Sport - Parent course is complete and a birth certificate is received.